Dover residents re-elect Christiansen, oust three from council

City of Dover Election Results

Robin Christiansen (i) 1,390

Carleton E. Carey Sr. 622

George Gaudioso. 104

First District

James E. Hosfelt Jr. 485

Beverly Williams (i) 325

Second District

Brian E. Lewis Unopposed

Third District

Fred A. Neil 404

Chevis R. Anderson 172

Third District

Scott W. Cole. 345

David L. Bonar (i) 241

Fourth District

Roy Sudler Jr. 153

Kenneth G. Roach 84

Wallace R. Dixon (i) 58

DOVER — Mayor Robin Christiansen said he felt a sense of excitement after being re-elected as the city’s mayor.

“I had a lady tell me the other day that I was the ‘pretend mayor,’” said Mr. Christiansen Tuesday night. “I told her, “On Tuesday, I’m going to be the real mayor.’”

Also Tuesday, Dover voters decided it was time for new council members, voting out incumbents David L. Bonar, Beverly Williams and Wallace R. Dixon.

Mayor Christiansen will serve a full four-year term after garnering 1,390 votes (65.69 percent). Former Mayor Carleton Carey Sr., who was hoping to win back the position, attracted 622 votes (29.40 percent) while George Gaudioso received 104 (4.91 percent).

“I’m really happy for the people that turned out and supported me in the election,” Mayor Christiansen said. “I know I have their trust and the people that voted against me I’m going to earn their trust as well.”

Mayor Christiansen was first elected to the office in June 2014 in a special election after then-Mayor Carey vacated the office amidst controversy over the hiring of a police chief and promotions within the police department.

But the defeat of three incumbent council members shook up the local poliltical landscape. Councilman David Anderson said the results were stunning.

“I think there was a mistake when council made that amendment (changing the provision that set the mayor’s future duties),” he said. “I think it caused people to view the council in a thought of confusion and that’s never a good thing if you’re an incumbent runner.”

Former police chief James E. Hosfelt Jr. won 59.88 percent of the votes for the First District sear by defeating Beverly Williams (40.12 percent), who had held the position since 2002.

“My family and I are ecstatic,” Mr. Hosfelt said. “We just have to continue to do the hard work we’ve been doing for the campaign.

“I want to think Ms. Williams for everything that she has done for the city. We’re excited that the residents in the First District that believed in our message. Now we have to go out and work hard for them and try and make some improvements.”

Scott W. Cole, who won 58.87 percent of the votes by beating incumbent David L. Bonar (41.13 percent) for the Third District seat was modest after the results came in.

“I’m happy,” Mr. Cole said. “I respect the position of Mr. Bonar. I just want to make sure our neighborhoods are safe and people want to come downtown.”

Mr. Bonar, who has served on council for five years, said he was disappointed but feels confident about Mr. Cole representing the district moving forward.

“Obviously, anytime you lose an election you’re disappointed. But I’m very confident that we have a councilman who’s replacing me that is very capable, young and energetic and will do a good job of representing the citizens in the third district,” Mr. Bonar said.

Roy Sudler Jr., winner in the Fourth District, defeated Kenneth G. Roach (28.47 percent) and incumbent Wallace Dixon (19.66 percent) after garnering 51.86 percent of the votes. Mr. Dixon had represented the district since 2002.

Mr. Sudler said he’s ready start to working.

“It feels rewarding and very humbling,” Mr. Sudler said. “I’m ready to get to work and I’m ready to hold a Fourth District meeting to access our vision and I look forward to working with the council.”

Fred A. Neil said it’s a phenomenal feeling being elected to represent the Third District as a first-time candidate, which was a seat left vacant in November with the election of Sean Lynn to the General Assembly.

“At the age of 81 it’s a great feeling knowing that so many people have confidence in my ability to add something to the city of Dover,” Mr. Neil said.

Mr. Neil bested Chevis Anderson(29.86 percent) by winning 70.14 percent of the votes.

Balloting results must be certified by the city Board of Elections, which will meet at 10 a.m. Wednesday, April 22 at Dover City Hall.

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