Dover residents seek officials’ help to stop local violence

DOVER— Residents’ voiced concerns about violence in their neighborhoods during a Thursday night meeting led 4th District Councilmen David Anderson and Roy Sudler Jr.

About 30 residents were in attendance at Solid Rock Baptist Church in Dover to discuss some ideas to help resolve the problem.

Their major concerns were the amount of violent activities at the Elks Lodge, 217 N. Kirkwood St.

“As I was watching television there was a large crowd in front of my house on Kirkwood Street,” said Charles White, a Kirkwood Street resident. “There were shots fired and one of the bullets came in my window. My wife found it in our flower bed.”

Last month a 41-year-old man was shot in the leg while standing near the Elks Lodge.

Authorities said the shots were fired in the direction of the wounded man and others outside the Elks Lodge.

Mr. White said the incidents happen during late night hours.

“They seem like they can’t control the crowd and I think it’s there responsibility to control them,” Mr. White said.
Dillard Christmas, secretary of the Elks Lodge, said everyone needs to come together to help solve the problem.

Residents offered possible solutions, which included hiring off-duty police officers to monitor the area when parties are over and the Elk Lodge maybe changing how many days it’s open.

Mayor Robin Christiansen said the public safety of residents in the city is a top priority.

“Forty percent of the Dover Police Department resources are in the downtown area to make sure it’s safe and we’re on top of things,” Mayor Christiansen said. “Forty percent of the community are willing to help the police department while the other 60 percent ‘nobody saw nothing.‘

“I understand that there’s a factor involving intimidation, but we’re here to protect everyone in the city,” Mayor Christiansen added.

“Public safety is my first job as mayor of the city. Everyone here is committed as well.”

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