Dover residents talk issues at 4th District town meeting

DOVER— Residents voiced their concerns about various topics during the Fourth District’s first quarterly meeting Tuesday night.

The meeting was led by the district’s city councilmen David Anderson and Roy Sudler Jr.

About 30 residents were in attendance at Solid Rock Baptist Church in Dover.

Topics ranged from different resource centers for the youth to diversity issues within the city.

Fred Tolbert, vice chairman of the city’s planning commission and a resident of the Third District, expressed his

Dover City Councilmen Roy Sudler Jr., ,left, and David Anderson address the community at Tuesday night's meeting. (Delaware State News photo by Arshon Howard)

Dover City Councilmen Roy Sudler Jr., ,left, and David Anderson address the community at Tuesday night’s meeting. (Delaware State News photo by Arshon Howard)

thoughts about taxes for property owners.

“A Dover property owner has to pay the property tax to the city of Dover, they have to pay school tax based on the property, and they have to pay county taxes,” Mr. Tolbert said.

“I think that’s grossly unfair to pay three entities. Every time the taxes go up, if you own property you’re going to have to pay a little more money. I don’t know what city council can do about it, but I wish they will look into the situation and do what they can.”

Mr. Tolbert also mentioned there needs to be more community involvement from residents to express their concerns.

“These type of meetings aren’t well attended to start with, but there are a lot of problems in every district,” Mr. Tolbert said. “I live in the Third District, but I know coming here what I have to say will be heard. Their vote affects me in the Third District as we have as much power as we care to use.

“We can make the change, but before any changes are made we have to let our elected officials know what we want, how we want it and everything that’s on our mind and we haven’t been doing that.”

The Rev. Ricky Hardy, of Solid Rock Community Outreach Center, said residents are afraid to speak to the youth to inform them of community meetings.

“You can’t be afraid of the people in our community,” Mr. Hardy said. “You have to go to doors and knock. You have to have block parties or different alternatives that will engage the youth to come out.

“You can’t reach all of them, but you can reach some of them and that’s what drives me I don’t live in Dover I live in Magnolia, but I’m committed to these streets.”

Councilman Sudler believes a change will come soon.

“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink it,” he said. “You must lead by example. You can’t give up on the youth. You can’t give up on the city or the people. All you can do is lead by example and hope that they see you as a role model.

“I believe in the Fourth District. “I believe we will make a change, but we will do it as a partnership together.”


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