Dover seeks bids on renewable energy generation

DOVER — City of Dover officials, working in conjunction with The Energy Authority (TEA), began soliciting bids for renewable energy generation — solar and/or solar plus storage — on Wednesday in the hopes of diversifying the city’s current mix of resources when it comes to energy.

Interested bidders are expected to submit an Intent to Bid form, participate in the pre-bid conference and submit their proposal in accordance with request for proposal (RFP) guidelines, according to Gregory Haynes, Renewables Integration Manager for TEA.

“The city of Dover has a new initiative,” Mr. Haynes said. “They would like the opportunity to increase their new renewable energy platform, either locally, or through a Power Purchase Agreement.

This will supplant the amount of non-renewable energy they bring in for the benefit of their customers.”

He added that the city of Dover is looking to create a future of sustainable energy and its utility customers by providing reliable power with a cleaner, more sustainable energy resource mix and that it is also taking a step forward with plans to reduce market exposure and carbon footprint, increase self-reliance and be a leader in exceeding regulated utility renewable and sustainability goals.

Dover City Manager Donna Mitchell was unavailable for comment on Wednesday.

“This will be in addition (to Dover’s power supply),” Mr. Haynes said, of the city looking to diversify its current resource mix. This will be another tool in the tool box but will 100 percent renewable energy.”

The Energy Authority (TEA) has been chosen to facilitate the RFP process. Interested respondents can gain access to the RFP and associated documents by sending an email to

Notice of Intent to Bid is due by April 15 by interested entities, the Pre-Bid Conference will be held on April 22 and the RFP Response deadline is at 4 p.m. on May 15.

Full notice for a company to proceed, contract negotiation and finalization, is expected to take place by September.

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