Downtown Milford Inc. announces new leadership and location

MILFORD — A key nonprofit focused on economic development in Milford announced Tuesday that it has settled on a new executive director and a new office space.

Downtown Milford Inc. has appointed Cat Perfetti for the leadership position, a DMI press release said Tuesday afternoon.

Cat Perfetti

Ms. Perfetti has served as DMI’s executive director since September and will now fill the role full time.

The new executive director also owns the Delaware Branding Co., a tattoo parlor on Northwest Front Street, with her husband, Mike.

The change in leadership will coincide with a change in location.

“We are moving to 10 S. Walnut St., right next to where Gallery 37 is,” Ms. Perfetti said. “That move will take place on Dec. 1.”

She said she plans to stay in the position for the long haul.

“I have a vested interest here. I have a business here in Milford. I want to see DMI do well,” Ms. Perfetti said. “I want to see more events when we’re able to and just see Milford thrive and do well as a downtown.”

“I will be here in the office every day, Monday through Friday, and at whatever events we put on,” she added.

“Running a tattoo and screen-printing shop, has given her the opportunity to meet and network with many locally owned businesses,” the press release said.

“Her previous work as president and treasurer for Southern Delaware Roller Derby and the Wilkes Barre Scranton Roller Radicals, as well as starting her two-year term as a board member for DMI, has given her years worth of experience of working within nonprofit organizations,” it continued.

Ms. Perfetti said her responsibilities at the tattoo shop won’t cut into her work at DMI.

“I have a full-time staff at Delaware Branding, and my husband also works there,” Ms. Perfetti said. “We’re covered. I’ll be able to do whatever paperwork or financial work I do there in the evenings or early in the morning before I come to the office here.”

She said she was officially offered a contract about two weeks ago.

“I’ve been doing this job since September, and I ended up with it full time,” she said. “The other director left, so someone had to fill the spot.”

Trish Gerken, DMI’s former executive director, stepped away from the position in August to begin working as a public information officer for the Milford School District.

Now that DMI is moving out of the city-owned building at 207 S. Walnut St., Milford’s government hopes to sell it.

“We are in the process of having an appraisal done,” City Manager Mark Whitfield said in an email Tuesday. “Once that is done, and DMI has a target date of moving out, we will put it on the market.”

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