Email alleges Delaware State University violated NCAA rules


DOVER — Officials refuted a mass email accusing Delaware State University of NCAA violations and sanctions involving academic fraud and other issues related to its football program, the university confirmed on Thursday.

The email was apparently transmitted to students and other university community members by an unknown source.

On Monday, DSU sent a message to recipients describing the email as “containing inaccuracies regarding a University employee.”

The university offered few details regarding the mysterious email and issued a statement that said, “Because this is the subject of a criminal investigation, the University cannot comment on it.”

The school’s message to the email’s recipients read:

“Earlier today, through the unauthorized use of a University email account, an electronic message was transmitted to many members of the University community containing inaccuracies regarding a University employee.

“In addition to the transmission being a violation of University policy, it may be actionable by the person against whom it is directed. If you happened to have received this email, please delete it and do not disseminate it further.

“Thank you for your attention to this matter.”

Accusations in the e-mail could not be independently confirmed.

On Thursday, NCAA spokeswoman Emily James said that its database showed that DSU had not been involved in any previous major infractions cases.

The NCAA does not release Level III/secondary case information, nor does it comment on any ongoing, potential or pending cases, and Ms. James suggested contacting the school for any update.

“The database does not include any student-athlete reinstatement cases or eligibility (per-enrollment or during enrollment) issues,” Ms. James said. “ … the school would be your best resource.”

According to the anonymous email, eight DSU football players were allegedly ruled ineligible by the NCAA in preseason “due to an academic integrity violation by [an athletic administrator],”

The anonymous correspondence claimed that DSU is facing a lawsuit due to the alleged actions of an athletic administrator regarding payments to two NCAA graduate assistants. DSU had earlier received an academic grant from the NCAA to fund the positions.

Through an alleged violation, the email claimed, a DSU football player was not a full-time student while participating in athletic activities, and said some student-athletes allegedly received three hours college credit for a loosely administered study hall program, among other accusations.

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