Former Milford educator found innocent of sex charges having difficulty getting life back


MILFORD — Roughly 10 1/2 months after being absolved of sex offense charges against him, a former assistant principal is still trying to regain his career.

Edward “Scot” Husbands has appealed for the reinstatement of his Delaware Educator License after losing his job at Benjamin Banneker Elementary School in Milford following an arrest on June 23, 2015.

During a Delaware State Police investigation of allegations against him two years ago, Mr. Husbands, 45 years old at the time, was accused of improperly touching three girls ages 10 and 11. He was indicted by a Sussex County grand jury on Oct. 12, 2015.

On Nov. 3, 2016, a jury returned a not guilty verdict on three charges of first-degree unlawful sexual contact against Mr. Husbands. Second-degree sexual abuse by a person in a position of trust, authority or supervision and offensive touching counts were dismissed during the trial.

Now, Mr. Husbands says he’s waiting for a decision by the Delaware Board of Education on his license, which he said could come by November but more likely December. He said his contract was not renewed by the Milford School District following his arrest two years ago, which was preceded by unpaid leave due to the charges.

The DOE’s Professional Standards Board is reviewing the case after a hearing on Aug. 31, Sept. 1 and Sept. 5.

Citing Delaware Code making licensing investigations confidential proceedings, the DOE declined comment this week.

Minus an $83,559 annual salary he was making at the time of arrest, Mr. Husbands said he’s struggled to support his family financially in addition to losing his career passion as an educator. There’s no quantifying the emotional stress he’s experienced, Mr. Husbands said.

Since the acquittal, Mr. Husbands said he has been in the process of expunging the charges from his record, which is still ongoing.

Mr. Husbands currently works part-time at a supermarket, laboring under 30 hours weekly at less than $10 per hour since Aug. 27, 2016.

“(My employers) are great, they’re extremely understanding,” Mr. Husbands said. “They knew my story, they knew everything I’m going through and provided me an opportunity to work.”

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