Ex-school custodian pleads guilty to endangering child

Dale S. Street

DOVER — A Dover man was sentenced to 12 months probation Tuesday morning after admitting to endangering the welfare of a child while employed by the Caesar Rodney School District last year.

Dale S. Street was 35 years old when a Caesar Rodney High School student contacted a school employee on Sept. 29, 2017 about an adult male who had allegedly sent her sexually charged text messages. He was identified as a custodian at the time of arrest and police alleged he met the 17-year-old female alone in the John S. Charlton School parking lot where he worked.

Street’s employment status was not clear after the plea deal Tuesday and an attempt to contact a school district spokesperson was not immediately successful.

During the Superior Court hearing before Judge Noel Primos, defense attorney John Garey said the plea deal “accurately reflects what should be sentenced in this matter.”

Street was ordered to complete sex offender treatment and counseling and have no contact with the Caesar Rodney School District.

According to the state, “Level II is the standard probation/parole supervision program.

“Offenders on Level II supervision are to meet with their probation officer on a regular schedule to comply with contact requirements based on risks/needs assessments. Level II probation/parole Officers serve in the traditional roles of counseling.”

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