Filing deadline for political offices Tuesday

DOVER — Delaware is shaping up to have a host of primary elections.

Currently, there are multiple candidates from the same party running for governor, U.S. Senate, U.S. House, insurance commissioner and about a dozen state legislative districts. The headlines figure to be a very crowded race for the Republican nomination for governor and primaries on both sides of the aisle for the U.S. Senate.

Candidates have until noon Tuesday to file, although that isn’t the final deadline. Filed individuals can still opt to run for a different office or drop out altogether as long as they do so by close of business Friday. Additionally, the parties have about six weeks to nominate individuals for offices in which they have no one running.

The state’s primary election is Sept. 15, less than two months before the Nov. 3 general election. Delaware’s presidential primary was last week.

As of Monday afternoon, there were two Democrats and two Republicans each seeking their party’s nomination for Senate, with two Republicans running for the House, two Democrats campaigning for insurance commissioner and two Democrats and seven Republicans competing for governor.

There is currently one local primary election in Kent County: a contest between two candidates for the right to run for Levy Court in the 1st District as a Democrat.