Final Avid Hotel plans land Millsboro council’s approval

MILLSBORO – A midscale hotel with links to a well-known chain has received the conditional green light in Millsboro.

Town council last Monday night cast conditional approval to final site plans for an Avid Hotel on the southern end of Peninsula Crossing just off southbound U.S. 113 near Handy Road.

The four-story hotel will have 79 rooms and an outdoor pool and pool-house.

Avid Hotel is a relatively new mid-scale brand of the InterContinental Hotels Group, which is the parent company of Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express.

At the July 1 council session, Alan Decktor, a staff engineer with Pennoni Associates, informed town council a variance for signage was obtained in May and State Fire Marshal approval is anticipated.

Back in May of 2018, conceptual plans for the hotel were unveiled to council. Preliminary plans were ap proved last September.

The only change of note is the addition of a pool house to accommodate the outdoor pool to be located behind the hotel at the rear of the site.

“I don’t think initially we had a small pool house. The pool was always in the design. I think these hotel chains, they always kind of revise their design,” said Mr. Decktor. “We actually had to go back through the town engineering approval process to make sure we incorporated the sanitary sewer and water hookups to the pool house.”

Other than that, the overall layout has not changed. “It’s the same geometry, same amount of parking spaces; the building layout is basically the same,” Mr. Decktor said.

The hotel has an 11,000- square foot footprint and 44,000 square feet of gross floor area. There is one proposed entrance/exit access off Commerce Drive.

There was no definite timetable given at the July 1 meeting as to when site work and construction might begin and when the hotel would be completed and open.

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