Final golf cart draft earmarked for Millsboro’s legislative reps

MILLSBORO — The town of Millsboro has put its draft charter change in the hands of its legislative liaisons, seeking Delaware General Assembly approval to change the town charter change to allow golf carts on town-maintained roadways — with requirements.

Town council at its Feb. 3 meeting reviewed the draft language prepared by town solicitor Mary Schrider-Fox. The final draft will be sent to State Rep. Rich Collins and State Sen. Gerald Hocker for their consideration, Millsboro Town Manager Sheldon Hudson said.

Council’s vote was not unanimous; councilman Tim Hodges opposed, citing safety concerns.

Somewhat broad in nature, the charter change would authorize enabling legislation through which town council would be empowered to pass a future ordinance.

“It basically would give council the authority to pass an ordinance later that would provide more specifics in terms of safety features and whatnot,” said Mr. Hudson said.

Although the issue was spurred by cart use in Plantation Lakes, the charter change request is not exclusive to that residential golfing community development.

“It would be for residential subdivisions with town-maintained streets,” said Mr. Hudson. “That makes it so that it’s not specific to Plantation Lakes.”

Current state law prohibits the use of golf carts on public roads or streets.

Once armed with the charter change, the town could enact a local ordinance – or ordinances – governing aspects that could encompass speed limitations, registration with the town and required safety features.

Previous discussion among council, town staff and Millsboro Police chief Brian Calloway focused on possible safety features incluDING headlamps/headlights, brakes and possible requirement of insurance (possibly through homeowner’s insurance).

Also discussed at past meetings was a requirement that cart operators be required to have a valid driver’s license for roadway travel.