Firefly Music Festival kicks off with new features for the fans

DOVER — Kyla Scherlag stopped and posed for pictures with her friends and everyone that walked past her at the Firefly Music Festival Campgrounds on Friday.

“It’s the vibes,” the Ocean City, Maryland, native said. “It’s a chance where everyone gets together and have a good time. You can walk past people and get a compliment for someone you don’t know, or just take pictures with random people. It’s a great experience and a great time.”

In its 8th year, the organizers of the Firefly Music Festival hope attendees continue to make new memories while enjoying some of the new amenities added this year. The festival runs Friday to Sunday. It will bring more than 90 artists and thousands of music fans to Delaware’s capital.

One of the new experiences is The Bazaar, which offers more than 30 marketplace vendors providing temporary body art, unique handcrafted goods and other items.

Sam Chick, owner of the smoke and vape shop “Puffster” at 115 Loockerman Street in Dover, said the experience as a vendor has been great so far.

“I have no complaints,” Mr. Chick said. “They always had vendors here but where it was before wasn’t a great location, as it was behind the main stage.

This year we’re right in the middle of all the traffic and everyone here seems to be benefiting from it.”

Striking a pose at Firefly.

Mr. Chick said Puffster, which mostly sells hemp-derived Cannabidiol (CBD) products, said he’s received nothing but positive feedback from attendees.

“The reception has been great,” Mr. Chick said. “A lot of people have been stopping in and asking about our products. We want to make sure that we’re selling things as well, as it’s expensive with the booth rent.

“It takes a lot to put this on and it’s amazing how much goes into putting this together. We just launched our website and there are people from all over so we want to send people to our website and hopefully when they leave they’ll remember us when they leave.”

Headlines for this year’s three-day festival include Travis Scott, Post Malone and Panic! At The Disco.

AEG Presents, who was already a majority holder in Firefly, acquired the remaining ownership shares of the festival last summer from Red Frog Events, a Chicago-based event company.

Since then, AEG — the concert promoter behind events such as Coachella and Stagecoach in Southern California, Panorama Festival in New York City and 8,000 concerts a year — has handled promotion and production of Firefly.

Mr. Chick said the transition has seemed seamless so far.

“Everything has been running smoothly,” Mr. Chick said. “You can see some of their new ideas, but for the most part everything seems to be running great, which in turn makes a great festival.”

One of the new features to the campgrounds is the North Hub Beach Club, which features a water slide, bars, late night silent Disco and beach parties.
Sunny Rose from Seattle Washington said it’s a great place to go in between sets.

“It was really fun,” Mr. Rose said. “It’s a nice place to go to get away to make it feel like you’re at the beach. There was a lot of sand. I enjoyed it.”
But Ms. Scherlag said even with the new amenities she thinks everyone will enjoy the festival because of the music.

“I know some new features have been added but I just want to hear the music,” Ms. Scherlag said. “I think that’s why everyone is here. They’re great to have and I appreciate for trying to accommodate us to make the experience better, but I think the music is what draws people in and as long as they continue to bring in good artists people will continue to come out every year.”

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