First woman appointed to Milford board of adjustment

MILFORD — A new face is ready to tackle up-and-coming problems as Milford continues to grow — a woman.

Nadia Zychal has become the first woman appointed to the city’s board of adjustments thanks to an appointment by Mayor Archie Campbell.
“It’s with great pleasure that I appointed Nadia Zychal to the board of adjustment as the first female member in the history of Milford. Changes are great,” Mayor Campbell said.

The New Jersey native moved to Milford more than a decade ago seeking a slower pace and better taxes. Over the years, she found herself becoming more and more interested in the day to day life happening in the small town.

“One morning, I found myself at the Mispillion Art League perusing the artwork, in walks Archie and we started chatting. He mentioned there was a seat on the board of adjustments and said I should apply,” she said.

An artist at heart, Ms. Zychal has worked with designers and architects through her business, Nadia Zychal, Decorative Painting and Art.
She has worked on several larger scale art projects in the nearby area recently, such as designing and painting a mural at Pearl Oyster Grill in Dover Downs Hotel & Casino and a banner that now appears along the Mispillion Riverwalk with banners from other artists.

“Along with being an artist and with my profession being what it is as feast or famine, sometimes there’s downtime while I wait for the paint to dry or I’m waiting for another project. I fill my time by being a little bit of a policy-monger,” she said. “I’ve noticed there’s some conflicts in the code; that’s how nerdy I am, it’s a little bit scary.”

With her interests in mind, Ms. Zychal applied for the board of adjustments opening and will begin her appointment in the upcoming week next to fellow members Brendon Warfel and Chad Carter.
“The town is growing very fast. I think it’s important to maintain the character and charm of this city that so many people are moving here for. Let’s not have it ironically be the cause of its destruction.

“So, intelligent planning will be important,” she said. “I’m just hoping to make an informed decision from a home-owners point of view.”

When asked how Ms. Zychal feels about being the first female to hold this role in Milford, she said, “It feels kind of great. Groundbreaking is always a good thing. It’s a tiny glass ceiling, but it’s a glass ceiling nonetheless. It’s exciting.”

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