Former Vaughn warden reassigned, retains salary


DOVER — Former James T. Vaughn Correctional Center warden David Pierce has been reassigned to the Bureau of Community Corrections within the Department of Correction but he retains his salary, according to DOC spokeswoman Jayme Gravell.

“Mr. Pierce’s merit title is Warden V,” she said. “He has been reassigned to the Bureau of Community Corrections and is performing duties equivalent to his merit pay grade.”

Office of management and budget officials confirmed that Mr. Pierce’s current position is Warden V and his salary is $109,595.64.

According to the state’s website, the Bureau of Community Corrections mission is to promote public safety through the effective supervision of offenders placed under community supervision. The bureau is responsible for providing programs and treatment services that promote long-term, self-sufficient, law abiding behavior by offenders and to offer support efforts that “make victims whole” in accordance with state law.

Mr. Pierce, was originally placed on administrative leave with pay approximately 20 days after the Feb. 1 inmate uprising at Vaughn Correctional Center that left Lt. Steven Floyd dead. In mid-March, Department of Correction officials announced that Mr. Pierce had been reassigned but didn’t provide any information on why he’d been placed on leave in the first place or what his new position in the DOC was.

David Pierce

“We are unable to share additional details as personnel records are private,” Ms. Gravell said at the time.

Mr. Pierce started working for the DOC in 1996 and became warden of Vaughn in August 2013.

Deputy Warden Philip Parker stepped in as acting warden when Mr. Pierce was put on leave and has continued to serve in this position since. He has worked for the DOC since 1992 and became deputy warden at Vaughn in October 2013. DOC officials noted that Mr. Parker has received a “temporary” salary increase while he serves as the acting Warden. Mr. Parker’s annual salary had been $85,317 plus $3,120 hazard duty pay when he was deputy warden.

Search for a new warden continues

On March 18, a job posting for a new JTVCC warden appeared on the state’s website. With an application deadline of March 24, the DOC presumably collected applications for a mere seven days.

The yearly salary range posted for the job is $103,893 to $138,524 with an additional hazardous duty pay of $3,120.

The post was summarized as follows: This level plans, operates and directs all administrative functions and institutional programs of a correctional facility housing more than 2,500 inmates at all security levels to include planning and enforcement of orders of executions mandated by state law.

As of last week, DOC officials said they’ve “accepted applications for the Warden’s position at JTVCC, but the interview process has not yet begun.”

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