Fox Hall-area crashes spark safety fears in Dover

The intersection of the Woodlands of Fox Hall and Fox Hall on Kenton Road are currently spray painted with numerous marks following a recent serious motor vehicle crash. Levy Court Commissioner Jim Hosfelt Jr. and Dover City Councilmen Matthew Lindell and Tanner Polce are looking for solutions to increasing safety for the area’s residents. (Delaware State News/Mike Fininey)

DOVER — Many different ages and shades of wood comprise the fences that line the backyards of some residents of the Woodlands of Fox Hall just east of Kenton Road.

Spray paint marks the pavement on Kenton Road at the intersection of Fox Hall West and its neighbors to the east.

These are the tell-tale signs of motor vehicle crashes that have taken place over the last several months in the area,

A woman was injured in a hit-and-run crash on Kenton Road in April after another driver forced her vehicle off the road and into a backyard fence in the Woodlands of Fox Hall. (Submitted photo/Dover Police Department)

which has drawn concern from residents and has local officials scrambling for solutions.

Kent County Levy Court Commissioner Jim Hosfelt Jr., a former Dover Police Chief and city councilman who now represents District 2 on Levy Court, has reached out to newly elected 1st District city councilmembers Matthew Lindell and Tanner Polce to come up with a plan to address this safety concern.

In working together on the issue, Commissioner Hosfelt and Councilmen Lindell and Polce have requested the Delaware Department of Transportation’s traffic safety staff to review the crash data supplied by the Dover Police Department.

“This is an area that needs to be addressed,” Mr. Hosfelt said. “Thankfully, no one has been injured while in their yard during these accidents, but it could easily happen.

“We all are looking forward to hearing any suggestions from DelDOT and are hoping it could be something as simple as placing guard rails or another safety deterrent in the area.”

Mr. Polce and Mr. Lindell both shared the same concerns.

“Commissioner Hosfelt reached out to both Councilman Lindell and myself pertaining the increase in traffic accidents on Kenton Road near the Fox Hall entrance,” Mr. Polce said. “Collectively, the three of us decided on a course of action, which was to outreach to DelDOT for their formal feedback/suggestion, request/review the crash data from the Dover (police) and then request the item to be placed on a City’s Safety Advisory and Transportation Committee agenda.”

The committee meets on July 25 at 6 p.m. in City Hall’s council chambers. The Kenton Road issue is already on the agenda. Property owners in the area are encouraged to attend and provide insight into the problem.

DelDOT already has future plans to widen Kenton Road and also install new sidewalks on the southbound side while pedestrian/bike paths are planned for the northbound side.

However, those plans aren’t expected to take place until the spring of 2020, at the earliest.

Mr. Polce said the area has seen an increase in motor vehicle problems, with a hit-and-run accident sending a woman crashing into a backyard fence of the Woodlands of Fox Hall in April and, most recently, a serious crash involving a motorcyclist at the entrance of the two Fox Hall developments.

This is the stretch of Kenton Road near the Fox Hall developments that is the cause of much of the concern for residents’ safety in the area. (Delaware State News/Mike Finney)

“Personally, I travel along Kenton Road every day to go to and from work and I know first-hand this has been a concern for many, especially the residents who have had cars end up through their fence and in their backyard,” Mr. Polce said. “Overall, with the feedback of the aforementioned, I believe we can correct the issue for the community.”

Many panels of fencing in the Woodlands of Fox Hall are different due to several motor vehicle crashes off Kenton Road. (Delaware State News/Mike Finney)

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