Free ice cream at Delaware State Fair promotes dairy industry

2018 Dairy Princess Leslie Webb of Greenwood addresses a waiting crowd at the Department of Agriculture Commodities Building Monday afternoon.
(Delaware State News/Craig Anderson)

HARRINGTON — It was tasty for sure and perhaps best of all, free.

The first few people who got scoops of ice cream in a dish at no charge Monday all had nearly the same reaction to the Hy-Point Farms giveaway at the Delaware State Fair.

Eventually, eight gallons of vanilla and chocolate were distributed to several dozen folks young, old and somewhere in-between. Sprinkles and chocolate syrup were available upon request.

The event promoted the state’s dairy industry, which was orchestrated by 2018 Dairy Princess Leslie Webb of Greenwood and alternate Kaylee Dulin of Smyrna.

“It’s not easy for us farmers to go out every day and we need your support,” Ms. Dulin said as the serving commenced.

Frederica’s Gail Wenteler said she hasn’t missed many giveaways in 30 years of attending the fair.

She arrived a few minutes early and a crowd began to arrive steadily afterward before lining up to be served.

“The ice cream this year was delicious,” she said. “I don’t spend much money at the fair because I know where to go. I plan to go to a cooking demonstration, too.”

State Fair attendees form a line for free ice cream at the Department of Agriculture Commodities Building Monday afternoon. (Delaware State News/Craig Anderson)

Not so wise was Ocean View’s Charlie Hudson, who just happened to walk by the Department of Agriculture’s Commodities Building as a sign was put outside.

“I saw that it said ‘Free’ and I couldn’t miss out on a good deal like that,” he said.

Clarksville’s Ron McCabe couldn’t pass it up either.

“I figured I might as well stop in,” he said.

And how was the ice cream?

“It’s excellent,” Mr. McCabe said.

Describing the dairy farm as part of a “dying industry,” Salisbury, Maryland’s Dennis Rash said, “I think it’s a good deal to promote everything that’s good about it.”

With a microphone in hand, Ms. Webb and Ms. Dulin quizzed onlookers about everything dairy-related as the line continued to move past.

“The attention you get is phenomenal and it gives me a chance to speak out about something I’m very passionate about which is the importance of production and consumption of dairy products,” Ms. Webb said.

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