From Little League to entrepreneurship, JTJames Performance opens in Milford

When Joshua James graduated from Milford High School in 2011, he knew he wanted to continue his athletic career somehow. Now, he has the chance to do just that every day as an entrepreneur.

With a new logo, space and name, JTJames Performance, a grand opening ceremony was held last month celebrating the new physical fitness business.

“This was a vision that we had since I graduated college. I didn’t know if I wanted to go the physical therapy route or training route. Going this route allowed me to be more creative. Knowing that I wasn’t going to play sports anymore, I wanted to work on my physique, too,” Mr. James said.

With his physical training schedule, he is able to continue working on an athletic body shape right alongside his clients even though he isn’t playing baseball anymore like he did with the Milford Little League, high school and eventually college.

He graduated from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore in 2015 with a degree in clinical exercise science while devoting his free time to playing division one baseball. He put his degree to work right after graduation by training a couple of clients at a time at a local gym or in his parents’ garage in Milford, he said.

“Eventually, it blew up into me having my own clientele and needing my own space,” he explained. “Now, I have a building to shelter them all in. I think I have about 50 clients now.”

He attributed the success of JTJames Performance to experience, a good support system and word-of-mouth advertising.

“At one point in time, I was still saying, ‘I’m not going to do it.’ I had to study what I do before I did it. The biggest thing is probably to have a great support system and have a plan. Don’t do it without the next steps. Have a plan for five or ten years out like we have here. Be confident and love what you’re doing. People are going to gravitate to you. People really support people who are chasing a dream. Go for it, see what happens. If you fail, just try something else. There’s nothing but time,” Mr. James said.

Aside from his parents and previous clients, his wife Kelsey took another step toward their dream and also became a certified personal trainer. Her certification added a boost to the business, but he emphasized that she has always been supportive in any way possible.

“People love it when they realize our emblem is really her and I,” he said with a smile. “She’s a health nut, too. A lot of our female clients ask about her. She loved researching this stuff, too, and learning about it. She’s an ER nurse, so she’s on three days a week and off four days a week. It definitely helps out with the schedule.”

Mr. James’ certification also allows him to offer specialist services for youth exercise, weight loss and performance enhancement, affording him clients all over the age and fitness spectrums.

“What I do here is a lot of functional training. My youngest athlete is an eight-year-old baseball player. My oldest client is 76 with a double hip and knee replacement. I’m also a power coach through EXOS, a human performance company. So, I’m able to work with any population,” Mr. James said. “Overall, I think movement is the most important thing. When you’re resting, you’re resting. When you stop, you stiffen up. I believe that human movement is the best medicine and it’s better to invest in this now than to pay for it later.”

To drive the point home, he said his father, councilman Jason James, has not only lost 65 pounds with his help, but he has also been able to successfully cut out some of his medications thanks to improved health.

The younger Mr. James hopes to grow his business with the help of success stories like that of his father and others in his care.

“My plan obviously is to keep growing my brand. I’m in this for the long haul,” he said. “Milford is growing. I’m born and raised here so I think it’s a cool story for myself to hang my hat on. The support here is amazing. I’m learning, at a young age, thank God, to just relax and things will get there eventually.”

JTJames Performance can be reached on Instagram @JTJamesPerformance, via email at or over the phone by calling 302-382-7030. The business is at 586 Milford- Harrington Hwy, Unit B in Milford near EasySpeak Spirits.