Fundraising gap separates lieutenant governor hopefuls

VOTE 1 COL by . DOVER — One month before the primary, Kathy McGuiness leads the lieutenant governor’s race in fundraising.

From Jan. 1 to Aug. 14, the Rehoboth Beach commissioner received almost $128,000 in donations, the highest total among the five candidates whose financial information was made available Tuesday.

State Sen. Bethany Hall-Long, a Democrat, was close to her, with $121,000 in contributions. She has $105,000 in cash available, most among the candidates.

The gap between some of the candidates that was apparent in the 2015 end-of-year reports continues, with Ms. McGuiness and Ciro Poppiti holding a sizable advantage over Brad Eaby, Sherry Dorsey Walker and Greg Fuller.

Mr. Poppiti, register of wills for New Castle County, raised $74,000 and has $38,000 on hand. Ms. McGuiness has $88,000 on hand.

Ms. Dorsey Walker, a Wilmington city councilwoman, collected $22,000 and has $4,400. Mr. Fuller raised $15,000 and now possesses $7,600. Mr. Eaby, a Kent County Levy Court commissioner, received $10,000 in donations and has $7,800 remaining.

Information for Republican La Mar Gunn was not available.

In the governor’s race, there’s another big gap in cash on hand between contenders of the same party. Among Republicans, State Sen. Colin Bonini possesses $66,000 after pulling in $58,000, while newcomer Lacey Lafferty has $4,300. Donations to her in 2016 totaled $9,400.

The finances for Democratic nominee U.S. Rep. John Carney were not available. He had $449,000 on hand at the end of last year.

In the insurance commissioner race, incumbent Democrat Karen Weldin Stewart raised $45,000. After spending $81,000, she has $47,000 available.

Primary opponent Trinidad Navarro, the sheriff of New Castle County, received $44,000 in contributions and has $32,000 at his disposal.

On the Republican side fundraising has been lower for George Parish and Jeff Cragg, and both candidates now have less than $1,000 available. Mr. Parish raised $1,700, and Mr. Cragg received $5,700.

Some big money has been raised in local legislative races. House Speaker Peter Schwartzkopf, D-Rehoboth Beach, pulled in $63,000 this year, giving him $130,000 on hand. Many of his donations are from lobbyists or lobbying organizations.

Democratic challenger Don Peterson, seeking to win the nomination for the 14th Representative District seat, received about $7,500 and has $4,700 available.

Rep. David Wilson, R-Bridgeville, who represents the 35th District, raised $7,800, giving him $8,200 in cash. His primary opponent, Bob Mitchell, earned $5,000 in donations and spent all but about $400.

In the three-way Republican primary for the open 33rd District seat in the Milford area, Charles Postles raised the most money, with $8,100. Morgan Hudson pulled in $6,600, and Robert Scott received $4,800.

Ms. Hudson has $7,000 available, Mr. Postles possesses $4,100 and Mr. Scott holds $700.

The primary is Sept. 13.

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