Gallagher talks about issues in 29th Rep. District contest

29th District Representative

In the leadup to Nov. 8’s election, the Delaware State News will be running questionnaires from various candidates. If you’ve missed any, visit and click on the “vote 2016” tab. These answers were submitted after the intial deadline and so the survey from Democrat Trey Paradee already ran.

The 29th Representative District is the Cheswold area.

Janice Gallagher, Republican

Age: 73

vote-logo-2016Occupation: Law office client services team leader

Family: Husband Paul, daughter Jillian Gallagher Findlay, grandsons Preston and Logan

Elective experience: Charter president Central Delaware Business Professional Women’s Association, Kent County Republican Party secretary, Kent County Republican Party vice chairman, Frederick Douglass Foundation vice president

W. Charles “Trey” Paradee, Democrat

Age: 47

Occupation: Small business owner

Family: Daughter Cassie, son Charlie

Janice Gallagher

Janice Gallagher

Elective experience: Elected 2012, re-elected 2014

Editor’s note: Rep. Paradee’s survey response appeared in the Oct. 28 edition of the Delaware State News. It can be read in the Vote 2016 section of

1. What would be your top priority in this office?

Gallagher: My top priority would be to help create economic opportunities and bring jobs back to Delaware.

2. If you could change one state policy or law, what would it be?

Gallagher: I believe we have a spending problem. We must learn to cut waste and stay within a budget.

3. Do you support raising the minimum wage?

W. Charles “Trey” Paradee

W. Charles “Trey” Paradee

Gallagher: I do not support the increase in minimum wage because I believe this will result in the loss of jobs and these increases will be passed onto the citizens of Delaware.

4. How can the state best create jobs?

Gallagher: The state can best create jobs by removing many regulations and reducing the cost of health care. I have talked with many small business owners and farmers. They would like to expand and hire additional employees but they cannot afford to expand and create jobs due to the additional expense regulations and health care costs force upon them.

5. Would you vote for legislation re-instating the death penalty?

Gallagher: I would support legislation to re-instate the death penalty. Violent and heinous crimes will always exist in society and our citizens must be protected from these persons.

6. Should the state make any changes to its laws on marijuana?

Gallagher: I would support the use of marijuana in medical instances. I would like to see studies done on the effects of long term use of marijuana and I am concerned that ultimately young users may suffer extreme side effects. My other concern is the public safety issue of using and driving.

7. Should the state lower the tax rates on the casinos, do nothing or take some other step to provide relief?

Gallagher: I believe we should ease the tax burden on the casinos. They are vital to the addition of revenues to the state in so many ways.

8. What changes would you make in the Department of Education?

Gallagher: Delaware is the sixth highest per-pupil spending yet only 20 percent of Delaware’s graduating students are college ready. I believe that DOE needs to be streamlined and those funds should be spent on teacher’s salaries. Additional funding saved needs to go to the classroom.

9. Does the state spend too much, too little or the right amount?

Gallagher: I believe we have an obligation to our citizens to reduce spending. I have listened to the residents of my district tell me that they cannot afford to have their taxes raised. Many have moved to Delaware because the cost of living is within their budget as many are on a fixed income.

10. What should be done, if anything, to increase revenue for the state or cut spending?

Gallagher: When our citizens tell us they cannot afford these increases we must listen. We must be respectful of taxpayer dollars and find ways to cut spending.

11. Do changes need to be made to the state’s employee health care structure?

Gallagher: The Affordable Health Care Act needs to be repealed. The Delawareans I have talked with are opposed to this plan. Most cannot afford the high premiums and if they could they cannot afford the high deductible. This is also a burden on our business owners.

12. What should be done to combat the state’s heroin crisis?
Gallagher: Addiction begins on many levels and we must address the causes. I believe prevention is where we must begin.

13. How can the state best continue to fund road and bridge projects?

Gallagher: We need to keep the funds in the Transportation Trust Fund.

14. Anything else?

Gallagher: Delawareans want their representatives to hear their concerns. We need to listen and be their voice.

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