Georgetown voters cast overwhelming support for water system upgrade

GEORGETOWN – Near unanimous voter support has paved the way for water line replacement and system upgrade in the heart of Georgetown – a project that will precede resurfacing of several state-maintained streets coming into town.

Residents by an 82 to 2 margin Monday authorized mayor and council of Georgetown to borrow up to $1,255,000 in a 100-percent forgiveness loan, earmarked to cover capital costs for the Market Street/Bedford Street water main and service line project.

The only financial cost to the town is interest.

At the interest rate at 1.3375 percent, the town’s financial responsibility would be an estimated $13,000 in interest during the project, if the maximum amount needs to be borrowed. Amount of interest will be based on the actual amount borrowed.

Georgetown Mayor Bill West saluted the voters for their support.

“I need to thank the people of Georgetown. They have stood behind me since I have been there and continue to stand behind me,” said Mayor West.

As presented in March of this year, the project will entail replacement of the 1,225 linear feet of water mains, plus water service lines, meter pits and meters coming from the water mains to the residents or businesses. 

Once the water project is done, the loan is forgiven.

Following completion of water system upgrade, Delaware’s Department of Transportation plans to resurface North and South Bedford Street and East and West Market Street. Those roads are maintained by DelDOT.

Mayor West says there is an aggressive timeline with everything hopefully to be completed by early November – in time for Return Day 2020.

“I’m excited,” Mayor West said. “My ultimate goal is to have the service lines taken care of and the streets repaved by Return Day. That is what I am shooting for.”