God’s Way Ministries gifts car to grandmother

MILFORD — A new car means a new outlook on life for the Sweeney and Jarvis family thanks to God’s Way Ministries.

Getting around without a vehicle was tough enough as a registered nurse living in rural Delaware. Sheree Maisano also needed to add doctor’s visits and school needs for her grandchildren, Emidio and Star Jarvis, into the travel mix. But, public transportation or medical transportation was a hassle for the family, often picking them up hours before their scheduled appointments to make sure they were there on time.

“They want to pick you up in the morning to get there, so you end up missing a whole day of school for one appointment,” Ms. Sweeney said.

God’s Way Ministries in Milford had a plan after receiving a referral from a local Salvation Army branch.

“We have an outreach at God’s Way Ministries called Cars for Moms. And the outreach, specifically what we want to do is help mothers. A lot of times they’re single moms, who are in need of vehicles. They do not have transportation. And we want to be able to help them because a lot of times they have children as in this situation. This is a grandmother who is taking care of her two grandchildren and we feel that we want to do that as an act of kindness and goodness through God’s grace and his mercy,” Carrie Wood said. “So, this is part of what we do from the God’s Way Thrift Stores. God’s Way Ministries is the non-profit and then God’s Way Thrift Stores comes underneath that.”

Cars donated through the program, she added, are clean and come with a full tank of gas. They also work with the recipients to cover Delaware Motor Vehicle fees associated with transferring titles and other expenses.
“That’s what it’s all about. We just want to be a blessing,” Ms. Wood said.

Ms. Sweeney said the donation gifted to them through the Cars for Moms program with God’s Way Ministries will be well used by their family.

“I’ll be able to get a job now,” she said with a smile. “And the kids won’t have to miss as much school for their doctor’s appointments. They won’t miss out on that whole day, they’ll have some instruction. This is going to change our lives.”

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