Groce spells out views in 30th Rep. District race

30th Representative District

In the lead-up to the Nov. 8 election, the Delaware State News will be running questionnaires from various candidates. If you’ve missed any, visit and click on the “Vote 2016” tab.

The 30th Representative District is the Harrington area.

Charles Groce, Democrat

Age: 56

Occupation: Retired Delaware State Police

vote-logo-2016Family: Spouse Linda, two daughters, six grandchildren

Elective experience: First campaign for elective office

William “Bobby” Outten, Republican

Age: 68

Occupation: Full-time legislator

Family: Wife Barbara Lynn

Elective experience: Incumbent, 30th Representative District

Editor’s note: Rep. Outten’s survey responses appeared in the Oct. 27 edition of the Delaware State News. They are available in the Vote 2016 section at

Charles Groce

Charles Groce

1. What would be your top priority in this office?

Groce: Represent the residents of the 30th District by allowing their voice to be heard in the legislative process. To provide support to the local residents, farmers and businesses while improving the infrastructure within the district.

2. If you could change one state policy or law, what would it be?

Groce: One law that I would change is the law governing the use of the motorcycle helmet by requiring that the helmet be on the motorcycle but not requiring it to be worn. If it has been determined that it is not necessary to be worn why should it be required at all. From a safety standpoint I believe everyone would benefit from its use, but if we are not going to require the wear of the helmet, do away with the requirement to carry one.

3. Do you support raising the minimum wage?

Bobby Outten

Bobby Outten

Groce: I do support a modest increase in the minimum wage but not to the levels that have been requested ($15.00 per hour). Some jobs do not require the intense labor, skillset or educational training as others and should remain in the realm of being a job and not on a level with being a career or trade.

4. How can the state best create jobs?

Groce: By aggressively recruiting new industries and encouraging entrepreneurial enterprises.

5. Would you vote for legislation re-instating the death penalty?

Groce: Yes. However only with strict guidelines concerning how and to whom it is applied.

6. Should the state make any changes to its laws on marijuana?

Groce: Yes. The decriminalization of marijuana is only the first step in the process to decriminalize all illicit other drugs. I support the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes under strict guidance of medical professionals. Outside of medicinal exemption at the very minimum all other usage/possession should be a violation (not civil violation).

7. Should the state lower the tax rates on the casinos, do nothing or take some other step to provide relief?

Groce: They are a business and if the taxpayers are receiving no benefit from the casinos then they should not be obligated to sacrifice their financial well-being just so the casinos can keep in business.

8. What changes would you make in the Department of Education?

Groce: Our educational system is in need of a complete overhaul. The way it is currently being run is a complete waste/abuse of tax payer’s money.
There are too many administrators whose tasks overlap or are redundant.

9. Does the state spend too much, too little or the right amount?

Groce: It is not the current amount being spent that is the issue — the issue is how the money is being spent. Money spent improving the highways, state employee salaries or education is money well spent but money spent on frivolous, irrelevant projects is what is bothersome to the citizens of Delaware.

10. What should be done, if anything, to increase revenue for the state or cut spending?

Groce: Two ways to increase revenues that I can think of offhand would be to increase the taxation on businesses that are incorporating (but not operating) in Delaware due to the low taxes for incorporation. There is much room to increase the taxes without deterring businesses from incorporating here. Another way to generate revenue is to increase the amount of the tolls on Route 1. 11. Do changes need to be made to the state’s employee health care structure?

Groce: I am sure there are issues that need to be addressed. I am not fully aware at this time as to what they might be. The appropriate thing to do would be to address the issues as they are presented.

12. What should be done to combat the state’s heroin crisis?

Groce: The epidemic brought on by heroin usage is in dire need of addressing. We must urgently provide clinical care to help withdraw users from the powerful cycle of this drug. We must implement after-care treatment as well as educational programs to prevent future usage. Incarceration is not the answer and without intervention it will only grow and get worse.

13. How can the state best continue to fund road and bridge projects?

Groce: For starters increase the toll on Route 1. Out of state users of our roadways should bear some of the burden of our highway improvement. Increase base fines in traffic citations and mandate the amount of the increase for highway improvement.

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