Group opposes proposed biofuel facility in Sussex

DOVER — Last week Food and Water Watch, an environmental group, sent a letter to the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control altering them to the “likely illegal mishandling” of a proposed anaerobic digester project in Seaford.
According to the website of the American Biogas Council, a national trade organization for the American biogas industry, in the absence of oxygen microorganisms can break down biodegradable material into fuel via a process called anaerobic digestion.
FWW accused local officials in Seaford of excluding public input into zoning decisions and seeking to illegally approve the gas production facility in an area reserved for agriculture and homes.
The letter lists public health and environmental threats associated with the proposed digesters, including air and water pollution and safety concerns related to the collection, processing and transport of explosive gases.
“Bioenergy seeks to push through a dirty, dangerous energy project in an agricultural and residential area with as little public input and oversight as possible, and local officials seem to be playing right along,” said Tyler Lobdell, staff attorney at FWW. “DNREC needs to step in and ensure public health and safety for local residents.”