Habitat dedicates home built in four days

Gary Matthew, left, and Bill Schauber work in front of Habitat for Humanity house at 115 Pine Street in Wyoming being built in four days. Delaware State News/Marc Clery

WYOMING — Central Delaware Habitat for Humanity (CDHFH) dedicated a house on Monday built by an army of volunteers in just four days.

The speed-built project, known as a Builders Blitz, is a five bedroom, two-and-a-half bath house on Pine Street in Wyoming.

The build, hosted by Lessard Builders — a family-owned construction firm based in Camden — started last Tuesday and finished up on Friday.

The now-completed home will be used by AmeriCorps as a residence for members of the local chapter of the program who are completing their year of service with Habitat and serving with other local non-profits.

Dan Simpson, executive director of Central Delaware Habitat, said it was one of the most “incredible” construction projects he’s been a part of in 13 years of experience.

“Last week, in terms of bringing people together, nothing compares to this project,” he said. “Starting from the begging when WSFS Bank made the contribution of the property and the financial contribution to help support the reconstruction, many people stepped up and joined them to financially support this.

“So many contractors devoted their time, money and materials to make this happen.”

Volunteers and well-wishers gather on Monday to participate in the dedication of the newest house built by Central Delaware Habitat for Humanity (CDHFH). The house, on Pine Street in Wyoming, was part of a Builders Blitz program. Lessard Builders and a large group of volunteers built it in four days. Delaware State News/Ian Gronau

Mr. Simpson recalls last Wednesday as a particularly busy day.

“We had over 100 people working on the site at the same time at one point,” he said. “In our industry, that’s extremely hard to do without being in one another’s way.

“The fact that we were able to coordinate that many people in that kind of effort was an incredible testimony to Brian Lessard and the time he spent on the planning that went into this.”

The house counts as Mr. Lessard, owner of Lessard Builders, second successful Builders Blitz project with CDHFH. His firm hosted a 2015 building project on Kirkwood Street in Dover in 2015.

Also thankful to the horde of subcontractors that donated their time, Mr. Lessard said the drive to give back to the community often brings it closer together too,

“There really was a sense of camaraderie during the whole project,” he said. “When the drywallers were here, they had about 30 guys on site. The foreman was running up and down the stairs egging on his guys to go faster and faster. There were about three guys in each room all competing against the other groups to see who would be the fastest.

“Meanwhile, the old drywall was shooting out the windows like a conveyor belt of trash — it was crazy looking. We can’t thank the subcontractors and suppliers enough. This would not have been possible at all if it wasn’t for them. They understand how important it is to take time and give back.”

There to receive the dedication on behalf of AmeriCorps Delaware was Kanani Munford, executive director of the Governor’s Commission on Community and Volunteer services. She noted that the home will be used to extend AmeriCorps reach in the southern part of the state.

“AmeriCorps Delaware and Habitat for Humanity are getting things done in Delaware,” she said. “It’s exciting to see us serving together and the hard work we can do to put up a house like this one in just four days.

“The AmeriCorps home will be used to not only house members who serve with Habitat for Humanity, but other AmeriCorps members serving in various non-profits across the state, specifically Kent and Sussex counties.”

Framing frenzy on Thursday

Moving at a frantic pace this summer, Central Delaware Habitat and AmeriCorps are hosting a “Framing Frenzy” on Legislative Mall on June 7. During the event, a home being built in Frederica will receive a jump start when more than AmeriCorps Delaware members assemble the frame at breakneck speed.

After the framing is completed, the home will be transported to 5 Jackson Street in Frederica that afternoon.

In this, their 28th year, CDHFH plans to work with and serve 14 homeowners.

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