Harrington sells insurance agency

DOVER — Prominent local businessman Mike Harrington Sr. has sold his insurance agency.

Harrington Insurance has been purchased by Carey Insurance & Financial Services, which currently has a presence in Sussex County and Maryland’s easternmost counties. The deal does not include ERA Harrington Realty, one of the major real estate businesses in southern Delaware.

Despite the sale, the insurance company will keep the Harrington name and remain structured under the real estate firm. Changes to Harrington Insurance as a result of the deal are not expected, Mr. Harrington said Monday.

“Just getting old,” he said when asked why he made the decision to offload the business he opened in 1979.

He bought and renamed the insurance agency shortly after starting Harrington Realty with his wife, Donna. Over the ensuing 40 years, it has expanded and merged with several other insurance firms, growing, according to Harrington Realty’s website, into a multi-million dollar business with offices in Dover, Milford, Lewes and Seaford.

Mr. Harrington is also involved in property management.

While the transaction may raise questions about the future of Harrington Realty, its owner and namesake said he has no immediate plans to sell that company.

Mr. Harrington is a former state representative, holding office from 1978 to 1982, and he served as the Trump campaign’s Kent County chair in 2016. From 2017 to this May, he held the post of chairman of the Delaware Republican Party.

“At the Lincoln Day dinner in Kent County a few weeks ago, I announced that I would run again for Chairman to lead the 2020 fight,” he wrote in a March letter to Republicans. “I fully understood that it would again be a difficult job but I had signed up for the long haul. I was prepared to fulfill that commitment.

“I had some ideas to improve our efforts from the experiences of 2018 and despite the odds, believed we could do better in 2020 with the President as top of the ticket. Unfortunately, a number of personal matters have stepped in the way.

“They are items that I cannot postpone. They will monopolize my time. I can’t give the time and commitment that I know from experience is required to do the job as your Chairman. So reluctantly I must step away.”

The 2018 election was a rough one for the GOP, which lost a seat in both chambers of the General Assembly and no longer holds any of the nine statewide offices.

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