Heidi Lowe Studio to teach Metalsmithing Class

Heidi Lowe Studio, located at at 17522 Ward Ave. in Lewes, is offering a a Found Object Pendant class on Nov. 2, In this class, each student will set an object that they bring to class. The object can be a button, coin, movie ticket, or anything that holds value to the student. Each student will design their pendant and then learn to file, sand, work with a torch, and set their objects in sterling silver. This class is perfect for beginners because it goes over various metalsmithing techniques. To assure the safety of students and staff. the studio has bought new tools for each student which are sanitized between classes, installed an air purifier, and everyone is expected to wear a mask. Registration for the class is open to anyone over the age of 13 and is $100.00 per person including a small materials fee. The class has limited seating, visit www.heidilowegallery.com. to register in advance.