Hemp producers must register before Feb. 1

DOVER — On Tuesday, the Delaware Department of Agriculture issued a reminder to hemp producers to register their growing sites before Feb. 1 using the annual growing site registration form available online.
Also, the DDA said, any individual who intends to grow, cultivate or distribute hemp, including transplants, seedlings or clones, must apply to be a Delaware Domestic Hemp Production Program producer with renewal required every three years. As described in the DDHPP participant guide online at de.gov/hemp, there are also requirements for processors and handlers.
Under the DDHPP, the DDA is responsible for regulating hemp production. The department does not have oversight for the selling of hemp products or the businesses marketing these goods, including any CBD item.
In 2020, Delaware had 13 registered producers, with 75 acres registered for outdoor production and 34,000 square feet of indoor production space.
As producers begin the process of applying for the first time or renewing their growing sites for 2021, the DDA issued the following reminders:
• When purchasing seed, all seed is still subject to the Federal Seed Act and Delaware Seed Law, which regulate seed tags and labeling.
• Producers can designate one person as an authorized representative with authority to be present at sample collection and correspond with the department. This person must be indicated on the producer application and must submit a criminal history report.
• The department requires only one criminal history report if applying for more than one license type. Criminal history reports are to be submitted at the time of application or renewal and must be dated no more than four months prior.
The 2021 DDHPP is fee-based as outlined in the participant guide and applications found online at de.gov/hemp. Producers, processors and handlers who have questions about DDHPP should email dda_hempprogram@delaware.gov.