High Court denies convicted murderer’s motion for relief

DOVER — After presenting no new evidence offering proof of innocence in a 2006 murder and rape conviction regarding a 68-year-old woman, a former Hartly resident’s motion was dismissed last week in a six-page order, according to the Delaware Supreme Court.

Ambrose L. Sykes sought postconviction relief from what was originally a death sentence before court rulings, but did “not come close to proffering any evidence of that kind,” Justice Gary F. Traynor wrote.

Ambrose L.

Additionally, according to the Court, “Contrary to his counsel’s assertions, Sykes cannot sit back and have counsel raise speculative and implausible theories on how someone other than Sykes — or someone acting in concert with Sykes — killed the victim and expect relief.”

Justice Traynor discounted “counsel’s speculation that Mr. Sykes had a consensual relationship with victim” as “not supported by any tangible evidence, an affidavit or Sykes himself, or things that would be easy to find, such as evidence of phone calls between them.

“Even if Sykes knew the victim, that is far from evidence that they had a consensual romantic relationship.”

The court referred to evidence against Sykes and said “it will take some doing to come up with new evidence creating an inference, much less a strong one, of Sykes’ actual innocence.”


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