Historical and Cultural Affairs’ new home to be bigger, better

DOVER — Many of the 4 million-plus objects maintained by the Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs are expected to be in a new home within a year.

The division was recently accredited as a museum system by the American Alliance of Museums, and as part of that designation, it has committed to adding a new space for its artifacts.

The division, a unit of the Department of State, is set to move into a new facility in west Dover.

The building will be larger and more secure, according to HCA Director Tim Slavin.

“This is really a facility that is really focused on collections” he said. “It’s a kind of behind the scenes function of a museum.”

About a dozen HCA employees will move with the historic items from the Tudor Industrial Park to west Dover.

The building will also house the Department of Insurance, which is currently located in Silver Lake Plaza.

State and city officials and others break ground on the site that will be the new home for the Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs and the Department of Insurance.

The Department of Insurance is expected to move in in July, with HCA following.

According to the Office of Management and Budget, HCA will occupy about 31,000 square feet, while the Department of Insurance will cover 35,000 square feet.

OMB said HCA’s lease will initially total $465,000, up from the $193,000 it is currently paying for about 27,000 square feet.

The Department of Insurance will save money, OMB said, with the agency paying $492,000 in the first year.

The current lease for it is $615,000 for about 28,000 square feet.

According to Mr. Slavin, much of the maintenance will be handled by the property owner.

The new facility will enable HCA to better care for objects, with specialized climate control and fire suppression systems.

DGKP Properties broke ground on the site two weeks ago.

HCA’s collection includes furniture, art and archeological finds.

It’s one of only three such museums in the state, with Hagley and Winterthur being the others, Mr. Slavin said.


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