Hudson no longer Dover’s Parks & Rec director

Kirby Hudson was named the City of Dover’s Park and Recreation director at the end of 2018. (Delaware State News/Marc Clery)

DOVER — Kirby Hudson, who has served as the City of Dover’s Parks and Recreation director since the end of 2018, is no longer working for the city.

City Manager Donna Mitchell confirmed that Mr. Hudson is not with the Parks and Recreation Department anymore and said she couldn’t comment any further on the matter since it is a “personnel matter.”

Robin Eaton is now serving at the city’s Parks and Recreation director. He is not only accountable for the recreational programs offered by the city, but also for overseeing the city’s 28 parks, including the large anchor parks of Schutte Park, Silver Lake Park and Dover Park.

Mr. Hudson had served as Dover’s assistant city manager since early 2015 before he was hired as the city’s first sole Parks and Recreation director Dover since Zachery Carter, who was hired as the division’s director in 1988 and retired from the position in 2012.

While Mr. Hudson was still settling into his new job as Parks and Recreation director, he continued to help oversee the Dover Public Library.

“This is a really big job,” he said, about his role overseeing the city’s parks. “There are 28 parks in the city of Dover and a lot of people don’t realize there are that many parks. Some of them are little small pocket parks, but nevertheless, they have to be taken care of as well.”

Mr. Hudson is originally from Mamaroneck, N.Y. He has lived in Delaware for 30 years and resides in Wilmington.

“This is the first time that I lived and worked in the same state,” Mr. Hudson said, when he was first hired as assistant city manager. “I’ll commute to work every day, but I’m excited about the opportunity. I’ll be interacting with different people and the type of different businesses the city has to offer is great.”