Human Service Grant program supports 92 organizations in Sussex

GEORGETOWN – Ninety-two organizations in Sussex County are designated recipients of nearly a quarter of a million dollars through the county’s Human Service Grant program.

Unveiled at the Nov. 5 county council meeting, the county’s fiscal year 2020 budget includes $225,000 for the program.
The program’s intent is to provide grants to countywide non-profit agencies for the purpose of enhancing health and human services, which contribute to a safe, healthy and self-sufficient community, according to Sussex County Finance Director Gina Jennings.

Topping the list of recipients: CHEER/Senior Centers, each receive $5,500 as they did for FY2019, and Boys & Girls Clubs, which receive $2,000 apiece.
The formula used to determine amounts is based largely on number of beneficiaries.

“Any type of financial support that they might receive they have to show financial need. They give me their revenues, expenses and need to show expenses outweigh revenues,” said Ms. Jennings.
Overall, the funding for FY20 is projected to reach 204,000 beneficiaries in Sussex County, Ms. Jennings said.

“Are they eligible if they have any other grants in any other programs that the county offers?” county councilman John Rieley asked.
Ms. Jennings said they are eligible, noting however that if an organization was awarded another county grant within the last 12 months, of the original grant, up to $750 was deducted.

“So, they can double-dip, but it is reduced?” said Mr. Rieley.
“Yes,” said Ms. Jennings.
Categorically, support for youth organizations accounts for 27 percent of the 2020 grant funding. Next is elderly programs, at 20 percent, followed by low income (19), disability/special needs (12), and other at 11 percent.

Combined, these grants account for $224,488 of the funding budgeted. Ms. Jennings said the county received $633,397 in requests from 92 qualified organizations.

The Human Service Grant program augments another $8.7 million in funding raised by these organizations from other sources.

‘Our funding is only about three percent of the total funding that these organizations raise from these specific projects,” said Ms. Jennings.
Maximum grant amounts based on number of beneficiaries are:
•Up to 49: $1,800;
• 50 to 249: $2,150;
• 250 to 499: $2,500;
• 500 to 999: $3,100;
• 1,000 or more: $3,950

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