Hunger in Delaware: Where to get help

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State service centers are located throughout Kent and Sussex counties and all assist with emergency food requests on a daily basis. All centers also have an emergency food pantry on site and donations are always welcome, officials said. Staff at the centers refer those in need to various food pantries.

People needing help can call 211 to find the nearest service center to them.

Adams State Service Center
546 S. Bedford St., Georgetown
(302) 856-5574

Anna P Shipley State Service Center
350 Virginia Ave., Seaford
(302) 628-6700

Bridgeville State Service Center
400 Mill St., Bridgeville
(302) 337-8261

Edward W. Pyle State Service Center
34314 Pyle Center Road, Frankford
(302) 732-9501

James W. Williams State Service Center
805 River Road, Dover
(302) 857-5000

Laurel State Service Center
31039 North Poplar St., Laurel
(302) 875-8402

Milford State Service Center
The Annex building
13 S.W. Front St., Milford
(302) 424-7230

Smyrna State Service Center
200 S. Dupont Blvd., Smyrna
Suite 101
(302) 514-4500

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