Indoors, New Year’s revelers ring in 2019 in Georgetown

GEORGETOWN — Light rain did not precipitate cancellation of the New Year’s Eve celebration in Georgetown.

The town’s fifth annual celebration went on as scheduled Monday evening as several hundred revelers of all ages congregated in the Georgetown Fire Hall to bid farewell to 2018 and ring in 2019.

Organizers moved the family-friendly event, which again featured the Glass Onion Band, inside from its traditional venue on The Circle due to inclement weather in the forecast.

“I come here to this every year,” said Judy Jones, Georgetown, who brought her two young grandsons and a couple of their friends.

Sheniqua Parker of Harrington and Melissa Morris brought their children for several hours of dancing, singing, light glow sticks and of course the countdown to 2019.

“We’re here and having a lot of fun,” said Ms. Parker.

“Considering the weather and everything, I am very satisfied,” said Georgetown Mayor Bill West. “We had people that don’t usually get a chance to come out, and we gave them a place to come out this year. I am very pleased with the crowd.”

“And I love seeing the kids out here with their parents. That’s what it’s about,” said Mayor West.

Just before midnight, the town public works crew cranked up a large crane toting the six-foot digital LED ball high above the Bedford Street entrance to the fire hall.

At midnight, the ball glowed with “Happy New 2019” and it was slowly lowered to allow revelers opportunities to snap close-up photos and selfies.

During the celebration, members of the County Seat Cruisers solicited chances on the 50-50 raffle, with one half earmarked for the Georgetown Fire Company, which provided the indoor venue.

The raffle winner donated his winnings, and coupled with another donation, $700 was raised for the fire company.

“Raising $700 for the fire hall, that’s outstanding,” Mayor West said.

Major sponsors of the celebration were 1st State Chevrolet, Boulevard Ford and Megee Motors.

The celebration marked the second consecutive year the event was impacted by weather.

The previous year’s event was held outdoors in bitter cold temperatures that featured single digits when the ball was raised on The Circle.


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