Judge dismisses lawsuit against Kent County psychiatric center


DOVER — Describing a plaintiff’s lawsuit against a private psychiatric center as “malicious” a Kent County judge dismissed the action in Superior Court last week.

Matthew Jones’ history of filing previous frivolous suits factored was referenced often in the determination involving Dover Behavioral Health Systems and a psychiatrist, according to the six-page order on Aug. 9.

Mr. Jones sought $2 billion, claiming he had been kidnapped, assaulted, and held against his will while the defendants allegedly attempted to steal his identity and kill him.

Judge Noel Primos found no basis for the complaint, noting that it was virtually the same as federal claims that have been deemed frivolous.

“It appears to the Court that Mr. Jones intends to use the legal system to lash out against and harass the Defendants regardless of his claims’ lack of legal merit,” Judge Primos concluded.

“Mr. Jones has wasted this Court’s and the State’s resources by filing here claims previously received and dismissed as frivolous by various United States District Courts.”

The opinion concluded with “The Court finds that Mr. Jones’s complaint abuses the judicial process and is found to be malicious.”

If Mr. Jones choose to file future claims, the Court order that he must provide an affidavit showing:

• The claims sought to be litigated have never been raised or disposed of before in any court.

• The facts alleged are true and correct.

• The affiant has made a diligent and good faith effort to determine what relevant case law controls the legal issues raised.

• The affiant has no reason to believe the claims are foreclosed by controlled law.

• The affiant understands that the affidavit is made under penalty of perjury.

The claim was submitted on June 8.

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