Judge: Traffic stop justified in evidence seizure

Joshua T. Walker

Brandon D. Satchell

DOVER β€” Police were justified in making an early-morning traffic stop in the short aftermath of a reported Camden home invasion last summer, validating evidence seized as the case proceeds, a judge ruled last week.

Defendants Joshua T. Walker and Brandon D. Satchell lost a bid to suppress anything found when a vehicle was stopped on Westville Road after two traffic violations were allegedly seen and troopers investigated the nearby crime scene at approximately 3 a.m., according to a seven-page order from Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Clark.

Taken in their totality, several factors supported the police decision to stop the vehicle, documents said.

β€œAt (3 a.m.), within approximately five minutes of a home invasion, a car traveling on that rural roadway away from the crime location, coupled with no other cars traveling on that road at that late hour supports reasonable suspicion,” Judge Clark concluded.

When Delaware State Police announced the alleged incident on Aug. 23, 2017, authorities said two firearms were seized and evidence located when apprehensions were made without incident. Four suspects were detained, including Mr. Satchell and Mr. Walker, authorities said.

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