Kent County tackles trash complaints

DOVER — Kent County officials hope to have a resolution to recent complaints by residents about trash not being collected in a timely manner.

“We understand their problems and we’re trying our best to fix the problem anyway that we can,” said Kent County Levy Court Vice President Bradley Eaby.”

Currently Inland Services is responsible for the county’s weekly garbage, recycling and yard waste collections.

But Mr. Eaby said the contractor has been having problems with being understaffed as well as mechanical issues with their trucks.

“This has caused a decrease in performance,” Mr. Eaby said.

Levy Court Commissioner Bradley Eaby

Levy Court Commissioner Bradley Eaby

Mr. Eaby said the county hired Republic Services, which will be responsible for collecting approximately 20 percent of each day’s collection services.

“This will help out a lot,” Mr. Eaby said. “This will solve the problem for now, as we continue to look at other options moving forward to figure out the best solution for the county in the future.

“The purpose of this was to remedy issues the primary contractor, Inland Solutions, was having with their performance.”

Randy Gruden, who resides in Old Mill Acres, said the problem plagued residents in the community for years.

“This isn’t the first time that this has happened,” Mr. Gruden said. “I’ve called plenty of times to see what the problem was and never really got any type of response.

“They always seem behind on their routes and I would get upset because we’re paying for a service and they’re not living up to their expectations.

“They’re not doing their job at all and the taxpayers are suffering for it,” he said.
Garbage, Recycling and Yard Waste Collection Service is billed yearly on the property owner’s Property Tax bill on June 1.

Garbage and Recycling Collection service is $223 per year. Residents in a neighborhood who voted to also receive Yard Waste Collection service are billed $255 per year.

Magnolia resident George Roof said he hopes the county holds Inland Service responsible for their lack of service over the years.

“The county, at the direct cost of taxpayer’s money, contracted firms to pick up and dispose of household trash, recyclable trash, and yard waste,” Mr. Roof said. “Why would we hire someone who continues to fail to do their jobs?

“I know it was a bidding process and we had to take the lowest bidder, so we should hold them accountable for their services since they’re still under contract.”

“I think we should forbid their contract if we can,” he said.

“I think we’re just putting a Band-Aid on the real problem at hand.”

Mr. Eaby said additional measures will be taken to further assist Inland Services and maintain reliable service to residents.

“We’re trying everything we can to fix the problem,” Mr. Eaby said. “Our contract with Inland is over soon, so in the meantime we figure this may be the best solution.

“We believe that this will improve the service that people are paying for.”

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