Kent County Tourism in search of new leader

DOVER — The Kent County Tourism Corporation is in search of new leadership, according to a recent job posting.

Former president Wendie Vestfall stepped down from her position several month ago, notes Gary Camp, chairman of the tourism agency’s board of directors.

“Wendie left for a great opportunity in Charlotte County, Fla. a couple months ago, and we wish her nothing but the best,” he said.

“She left on great terms and did a nice job of helping to create a refreshed brand identity for Kent County in her three years with us. We are currently in the midst of a search process to find her successor as the president of Kent County Tourism Corp.”

Taking the organization’s reins back in January 2016, Ms. Vestfall oversaw the agency’s efforts to promote tourism in the county. Perhaps most notably, she spearheaded the corporation’s rebranding to “Delaware’s Quaint Villages” in late 2016 and the launch of their mobile visitor center — dubbed “The Villager”— in 2017.

Kent County Tourism labels itself as the destination marketing organization for the county, and its incorporated cities and towns.

Its goal is to “lead the tourism industry to work together to generate visitor spending by developing and implementing comprehensive destination marketing programs.” It is a self-governing private not-for-profit corporation.

According to the posting, the board is looking for a candidate who will “direct and lead the corporation toward its mission.”

The position is responsible for all operational functions, shaping and developing organizational strategies for the corporation, and identifying opportunities and areas for improvement, it reads.

The president is also responsible for strategic business development and key planning issues that relate to and impact the corporation.

This position will determine resource allocation among budget items and keep the board of directors informed about business activities, performance opportunities and recommended courses of action.

Applicants should have a Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, hospitality or a related field and 3-5 years of relevant experience is expected.

For more information, contact the corporation through their website at

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