Kent County votes to fund Addiction Awareness Day

DOVER –– By a vote of seven to none, Kent County Levy Court voted to fulfill Attack Addiction’s request for $2,300 to fund an Oct. 10 Attack Addiction Awareness Day event at Polytech High School.

Attack Addiction is a non-profit organization founded by the Keister family who lost their son, Tyler to a heroin addiction in 2012 when he was 24 years old.

The downstate chapter of the organization meets monthly to discuss various addictions and their effects on not only the health of the individual but the impact on families as well.

“Often times people think this will never happen in their home but it can happen to any of us and this is the message we hope to get across,” said Margie Pruett, leader of the downstate chapter.

The Oct. 10 public awareness opportunity will provide information about heroin addiction, where addicts can find help and information about the Good Samaritan Law.

According to the Good Samaritan Law, a person who calls 911 for an overdose or brings someone suffering an overdose to the hospital is immune to penalty.

Many people do not seek help if a friend of loved one overdoses for fear of criminal penalty and simple knowledge of the law could lead to more lives saved, especially now that law enforcers carry Nalaxone, the heroin overdose antidote.

“We hope it’s going to be a day when a lot of people can stop by and take advantage of all the information and everything else available,” Ms. Pruett said.

More information about Attack Addiction can be found online at

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