Kent judge hands down sentences in drug cases


DOVER — Citing illegal opioids’ destructive effects within society several times Thursday morning, a Kent County Superior Court Judge rendered sentences in three separate drug dealing cases.

Darrell H. Faulkner, of Smyrna, received a year of prison time for a cocaine-related conviction stemming from a traffic stop in northern Kent County on June 30, 2017. That was to follow another year-long stint for a previous violation of probation verdict against him. Eighteen months of Level III probation was also ordered.

Judge Noel E. Primos said Mr. Faulkner was due incarceration and noted an extensive background of drug offenses in Delaware and Maryland had resulted in little prison time.

“Our society is suffering to the distribution and sale of drugs,” the judge said, describing the continued behavior as a “danger to the public.”

Kiauna R. Collins, 38, of Dover was ordered to serve a combined 27 months on Level IV and Level III probation regarding a March 21, 2017, traffic stop that allegedly yielded 126.07 grams of crack cocaine. A potential eight-year Level V prison time was suspended as long as the defendant meets conditions set by the Court.

Darrell H. Faulkner

Attorney Andre’ Beauregard represented Collins at sentencing,

Collins was convicted of drug dealing and hindering prosecution after the top near the Dover Toll Plaza on Del. 1. Driver Adam C. Scott, 43, of Dover, also pleaded guilty to charges in the case.

Maintaining that neither the defendant or society would be served by a prison sentence, Judge Primos placed Akil Garrett, 44, on a year of Level IV probation, followed by a year of Level III. According to defense attorney Adam Windett, four bundles of heroin were involved during an Aug. 8 case at a Dover hotel room, and the distribution was on a smaller scale than many drug dealing cases before the Court.

The judge placed his faith in Garrett’s ability to continue in steady employment, and his age and commitment to providing for his family as being positive indicators.

He warned that continued misbehavior would not only “destroy your life, but your family’s life and the lives of others.”

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