Lake Forest Church Association’s Food Pantry location renamed The Anne Paladino House

Elena Paladino, Carol Kalinofski and Dee Rivard stand in front of the new Anne Paladino House sign at the site of the Lake Forest Church Association’s Food Pantry. The house was renamed in honor of Ms. Paladino’s contributions and dedication to the community. The Chronicle/Jennifer Antonik

More than 50 community members and food pantry volunteers attended a brief ceremony to remember Anne Paladino’s work in Harrington to ensure residents and others in the area taken care of to the best of her ability.

Ms. Paladino was the executive director of the food pantry for more than 20 years before passing away in 2018. The current executive director, Carol Kalinofski, has even been heard saying the pantry was one of Ms. Paladino’s biggest accomplishments.

“She truly did take pride in her work. She loved helping the people of this town,” she said during the unveiling of the new house name.

Located between the Harrington Police Department and Harrington’s City Hall, the newly renamed Anne Paladino House often serves up to, if not more than, 300 people each month.

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