LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Why aren’t the Democrats decrying Clinton’s actions?

Let me be clear — I don’t intend to vote for either H. Clinton or D. Trump! I do not look forward to a presidency under a man who is ignorant of the Constitution, or a lifelong politician who violates the rule of law with impunity.

But let us consider another factor that is important in any election — the party. When Donald Trump says or does something horrible, he is immediately taken to task by Republicans. When Hillary Clinton says or does something horrible, Democratic letter-writers and politicians ignore or excuse what she does.

For example, when Trump criticizes that Mexican-American judge, makes fun of a handicapped reporter or announces that John McCain is not an American hero — because he was captured — he was roundly condemned in no uncertain terms by the GOP. He lost countless votes, including mine.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton continues to lie to the American people about an illegal [computer] server that hardly could be classified as anything else but an intentional violation of the law. Further, she endangered national security by sending classified emails on this server, which was — according to the FBI — less secure than Google. How can Democrats not condemn Hillary for such acts?

I am particularly concerned about violations of State Department export restrictions on weapons procurement by international outlaws and our opponents. These restrictions apparently are reversed when large contributions are made to the Clinton Foundation or exorbitant fees are paid for 20-minute speeches by her husband. The FBI has requested an investigation into this, which the Justice Department refuses to authorize.

Some Democratic apologists argue that the lifting of such restrictions has nothing to do with payments to the Foundation, that these changes after payments are merely a timely coincidence! At least, they should acknowledge that someone with her resume should know better than even to permit the appearance of gross impropriety.

One thing Bernie Sanders got right — Hillary Clinton is beholden to those who “pay to play,” sees herself as part of a class above the law, and inspires suspicions by refusing to release the transcripts of speeches to Wall Street insiders. At one time, we impeached an arrogant president who illegally eliminated only 18 minutes of tape, not 30,000 emails. At one time – “Teapot Dome” – our country repudiated corruption in government. Now we are prepared to endorse both.

The election of Hillary Clinton is a body blow to the concept of “American Exceptionalism” — that we are a beacon to the world, proclaiming that the people can honestly and efficiently rule themselves. It meant we are different from the old world’s sordid politics of class and privilege.

Democrats, who, after all, are of the party of Jefferson, should be aghast at such abandonment of his founding ideals. To their shame, they are not.

Larry Koch

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