Letter to the Editor: Dream shows democracy ‘not a fluke’

In my dream, the president and all Republicans up for election in Congress have lost in a landslide. All of President Donald Trump’s desperate moves to save his presidency have failed, including his use of lawsuits and armed agitators. In this dream, his refusal to leave the White House ends when Gen. Mark Miller, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, declares that he must leave or be physically removed.

You would think that the Democrats would take time out to celebrate. But there is no time. As long as Trumpian culture is in the air — i.e., the reliance on conspiracy theory, the rejection of science, the promotion of loyalty over competency, the lethal divisiveness, the incessant lying, the corruption — in my dream, the “housecleaning” has to begin immediately.

We are showing the world that our democracy was not just a fluke, just waiting for the right person to wreck it. We are showing that not only can our democracy survive but that we can once again elect and appoint leaders who actually care about our country and its people, every last one of them — rich, poor, Black, White, straight, gay, religious, nonreligious and everyone in between, including immigrants. We are once more being a beacon of light to the world.

Frederick Longacre