LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Kavanaugh accusations simply a delay tactic

Turn on the TV. It is always the same story. A psychology professor, Christine B. Ford from the state of California, wrote Sen. Feinstein that she had suffered a sexual assault, by of all people, Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

She reported that it happened more than 30 years ago when she was 15 and he was 17. She requested that her name not be released; however, within days of this report, the professor, herself gave notice to the Washington Post to release the information. She apparently wanted the public to see it and get the publicity. I wondered why.

Since the release of her name and specific bits and pieces of the story, authorities have requested to see the original note, but Sen. Feinstein was not forthcoming. Why? No explanation. Of course now lawyers are involved.

There have been repeated displays of angry females in front of the TV who appear to be educated women, but who seem to be in agony and totally out of control as they scream and demand immediate action to be taken against the judge. One was Sen. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii who screamed into the microphone “Women should not only be heard but should be believed!” This statement shows that no matter what a woman reports in an incident like this, she must be believed.

What does this say about fairness and justice? Facts are unnecessary? If you go back a few years, many colleges adopted a philosophy that pushed this belief through — if a woman reports that she has been sexually abused/attacked/molested in some way, it is to be automatically believed, and the appropriate action must immediately be taken against the man.

This began with the “ME TOO” movement, and is still going on. This is the kind of thinking that many women seem to still be using today. Is this the kind of treatment and legal progress that people want in this country? We hang the man and then we offer him a hearing!

Let’s look at the facts of this case as I see them and as common sense points them out:

• Judge Kavanaugh went through at least six separate federal investigations. I would not be telling you what most of you probably already know, that liberal politicians have done everything possible to stop Judge Kavanaugh from being approved for the Supreme Court because his views are reflective of those of the honored former Judge Scalia. The liberals do not agree with these views.

They began early in the hearings with their “slow down” processes. The reason for this is to postpone the selection until after the November elections when they hope to have a Democratic majority which will vote to deny Judge Kavanaugh a position on the Supreme Court.

Many Americans have referred to the shenanigans that went on in these hearings as a circus including Judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg who presently sits on the Supreme Court and spoke up against the terrible behavior going on at the hearings. The slow down actions failed, and the voting was to take place, and the liberals had to act. So, magically the professor entered the scene with her unsubstantiated charges. What excellent timing!

• If Sen. Feinstein and the professor thought that another investigation should be made on the judge by the FBI, why didn’t they turn the complaint over to the FBI and ask for an investigation when Professor Ford’s complaint was submitted almost two months earlier? This is another example of postponing. And, why is no one suggesting that an investigation be made into Professor Ford’s background?

• Who is this professor? The timing of her charge is suspicious. What do we know about her? The event happened over 30 years ago and was so serious that she actually thought she might die, yet I wonder with so much time she had that she did not report this to anyone including her family or the authorities?

At the time that Professor Ford reported this to Sen. Feinstein, I believe that this was the beginning of her effort to throw a wrench into the processes to approve Judge Kavanaugh. Perhaps the professor is a member of the ME TOO club. I think of this as the “Hate The Man Club”. These women are a negative to cases filed by women who have been assaulted/raped and are seeking justice because now suspicion may cause future cases to be looked at differently and with more attention.

• The professor and her crew have a job to do for the liberal politicians, that is to delay the vote. Why is it that this woman’s word is the gospel truth, yet we know nothing of her life, beliefs, character, or past and apparently she cannot remember even a smidgen of information about the place, time, who was there, etc. of the event being complained about, except of course, the name of the unfortunate judge who she and her backers do not want to be approved for the Supreme Court?

For your information I am a woman. I have interacted with hundreds of men in my day-to-day living throughout my long life. I had many male bosses. I married a wonderful man. I found during my lifetime that most men are wonderful, respectful, helpful, kind, and considerate, and I have no patience with groups that denigrate any part of our humanity.

Barbara Armstrong

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