LETTER TO THE EDITOR: No bad things about Carson

Politicians — wow, we have seen plenty of them in the past few weeks. Both sides were in their political best trying to convince Americans and each other about their causes.

I know of a man who is in politics but is not a politician. I speak of Rep. Bill Carson of the 28th District. This man goes quietly about his district and listens to his constituents. Politicians can also listen, but when Bill gets involved, things actually get done.

I am being modest when I say he goes around his district. He can be seen at events throughout the year, nights, weekends, and holidays. He has been doing this for years and hasn’t lost his enthusiasm. When you talk with him, it’s like speaking with a friend, not a politician. He listens and will help you with issues that need attention.

This man is straight out a good guy, honest and sincere. I have never heard anyone say a bad thing about Bill. I am an Independent voter, and have lived in his district about 15 years. I can honestly say he has not only helped me, but also the neighborhood I live in with projects that we asked him to be involved in.

Mr. Carson is a veteran and supports veteran’s issues. If you are seeking a candidate who is honest and sincere, vote Rep. William Carson in November.

Jim Sbarra


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