LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Supreme Court in contempt of equal protection

I am aware that there is now a newly protected class of citizenry in our fair land. It seems to be anyone who is against a belief someone else holds that does not agree with his/hers. This group is usually someone who subscribes to and promotes anything that goes against any of the old, once-held behavioral stands, especially those held by the law-abiding and the religious.

I know that the Supreme Court is supposed to uphold and enforce the provisions of the United States Constitution, including freedom of, not freedom from, religion. Guess SCOTUS missed that part.

No one has asked me what I think of a religion that holds there is no god. As religion is a belief system, that position in and of itself is a religion. I am not offended by those who hold that religion. Not offended, just saddened.

I am not offended by a religion that teaches I am to be eliminated since I do not hold with its teaching on what name delineates the true god, just afraid. I am not bothered by those who say I cannot publicly espouse and practice my beliefs without being threatened by holders of counter beliefs, just disgusted at the loss of equal protection.

I am thoroughly saddened by, disgusted with and afraid of the now-practicing legislative branch of government called The Supreme Court. There is a legal term called “contempt of court.” I think it is time to include another similar term – “court in contempt.”

I have to wonder just how long such courts (judges) would need to be incarcerated until they repent and accept what their legally required duties demand. I even wonder how long it would take them to recognize and revamp their understanding of the legal concepts of and mandates for upholding the law of the land, not the law of the offended, even when it means holding those answerable who attempt to promote themselves as “preferred.”

So, my question is, how do our now-eight judicious officers define what is offensive?

If I disagree with abortion as a means of birth control or “control of my body,” or disagree with a religion that prescribes my death if I do not change and accept, or believe in publicly expressing my faith at a sporting event or gathering in a public place, am I guilty of being offensive? Who would hear? What if I thought I was offended by anyone who would disallow me the privilege to exercise such expressions?

Would I be guilty of being “offensive” if I simply did it as an expression of my belief without fear of retaliation? Would it be considered offensive if I were to ask those who are against the death penalty where they stand on abortion?

What if I question, as I write this, would I be putting myself in harm’s way for even expressing this to the eight men and women who have allowed, even mandated, this country to come to this? Would these judges be offended? I hope so. Then, they would know how I feel. So, please – enlighten me. Who is legally “offensive,” and who is really in “contempt?”

M. Bryan Rice

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