Lewes lighthouse being repainted

LEWES — Contractors are repainting the Delaware Breakwater East End Lighthouse. Located on the inner breakwater in the harbor in Lewes, the lighthouse is owned and administered by the Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs.

The project, which is expected to be completed before summer’s end, includes removal of old paint and rust, as well as repainting the entire exterior of the structure above its concrete foundation. Paint colors will replicate the existing red-brown and black.

Repainting the lighthouse will involve the presence of scaffolding, equipment, materials and workers on the breakwater as well as the usual noises that go with construction work during daytime hours.

No public access to the lighthouse or the breakwater will be permitted during the project. Under normal conditions, access to the breakwater and lighthouse is prohibited except for accompanied visits conducted by Cape Water Tours, which will not resume until the project is completed.
The lighthouse was built in 1885 and decommissioned in 1996.