Little Creek dog park gets surprise donation

LITTLE CREEK — Alan Centa might never have returned.
And who could blame him?

Other area dog parks had access to water, and the Dover resident visited them regularly.

Little Creek’s didn’t — broken nozzle heads and pumps were useless for hydration.

Mr. Centa, however, enjoyed the municipal area with Marco, an energetic 7-year-old Lhasa Apso. It didn’t matter that he lived 10 miles away, he just liked the park.

“A dog can run around here, there are a couple toys to play with, the grass is always nice and neat,” Mr. Centa said this week.

“There was never a question that I was coming back.”
So the 73-year-old retired NASA rocket scientist contacted town treasurer Judy Hegman to offer help. At a council meeting in early July, Mr. Centa presented town officials with a $1,000 check for repairs.

“Money only does good when it is spread around,” he said.
Well company A.C. Schultes of Delaware installed the system about two weeks ago at no charge, much to Mr. Centa’s delight.

“It’s more than what I hoped for,” he said. “The water here is sweet, it’s gorgeous water with a slight taste of grass which isn’t objectionable at all.”
In a final act of generosity/gratitude, Mr. Centa presented officials with stainless steel cups marked “Little Creek Pump Project.”

Little Creek Mayor Glenn Gauvry said he couldn’t remember any similar random act of kindness.

“Here’s a person who came from out of the blue to help move a town move forward,” Mr. Gauvry said. “You do the projects for the benefit of the community, not just for those in Little Creek but people who may use it within a nearby radius.

“You don’t usually get a person to step up and say ‘There’s a problem and I want to be part of the solution.‘ Mr. Centa did and I’d say he’s a rather special person for doing so.”

In the past two weeks, Joshua Roddy, who maintains the park for the town, observed that the water source has “definitely changed the type of people who attend.

“Some are fond of nice surroundings and facilities and having this now draws them here instead of making them want to avoid it.
“A lot of people didn’t want to come especially because it’s hard to supply enough water for larger dogs.”

According to Mr. Roddy the number of park users has doubled in the short time since water was returned.

“It’s definitely nice to see more life and activity here,” he said.

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