Longtime Dover planning panel member lauded for his service

DOVER — If something has been built within the city of Dover’s confines within the last three decades, Thomas S. Holt probably had a hand in the process of getting it done.

Mr. Holt, who has served on the city of Dover’s Planning Commission since February 1987, was recognized for his service by Mayor Robin Christiansen at the city council meeting at City Hall on Monday night.

Mr. Holt will soon be moving to San Antonio, Texas, leaving behind a large legacy with the Planning Commission.

“One of the best things that Crawford Carroll did as the mayor of the city of Dover was to appoint you to the planning commission,” Mayor Christiansen said. “You have served faithfully and have done an outstanding job.

“As a small token of the city of Dover’s appreciation for the work that you did as a planning commission member and as a businessperson in our community, and as an all-around great citizen, I’d like to present you with this Jefferson Cup.”
Frederick Tolbert, the chairman of the Planning Commission, said he has learned a great deal from Mr. Holt.

“It is indeed my pleasure on this occasion to give recognition to a very exemplary and special servant to the city of Dover,” Mr. Tolbert said. “…

He’s a dedicated, committed servant of this city and we have learned a lot from his dedication and commitment to service. I wish we had more people like Tom Holt.”

He added, “It is my pleasure to have met him, I have learned from him, and I will continue to learn and I’m going to certainly miss Tom Holt.”
Mr. Holt had family members gathered around him as he received the warm reception – and a standing ovation from those gathered at the council meeting.

“I do really appreciate this,” Mr. Holt said. “I enjoyed being on the planning commission. I learned so much about the city of Dover and its workings and it’s been a little bit of work, but it’s been very rewarding.

“I’m sure you’ll be able to find a replacement for me, at least I hope so, because Dover is a great city. It’s growing leaps and bounds and I’ve enjoyed every minute with the planning commission.”

Mr. Holt said that he has enjoyed the company of his support staff and family members, which has allowed him to continue his work, even after suffering a stroke.

“I would like to say that since I had my stroke, I wasn’t able to drive. I didn’t do this all myself,” he said. “I have a super wife Sylvia who takes me around to all the (building sites). She was a great help over the years to help me do this and also took me to the (planning commission) meetings. Fred Tolbert got him home from those meetings.

“I have enjoyed it and I must say, I have a good support staff.”

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