McCoy blames solitary confinement in Delaware for latest legal woes

Isaiah McCoy

DOVER — A former Delaware death row inmate now accused of human trafficking by force in Hawaii told an investigator his nearly seven-year stay in solitary confinement caused ongoing mental issues, according to court documents filed Tuesday.

Isaiah W. McCoy, 28, also known as “Zeus” according to a 17-page motion, spoke to a federal investigator during a 2 1/2 hour interview following his arrest on a felony prostitution-related charge this week. The U.S. Attorney’s Office claimed Mr. McCoy told an agent he would sometimes “snap” due to post-traumatic stress disorder among “other things.

Federal officials filed a motion to detain Mr. McCoy without bail due to his supposed “history of violence, the allegations against him, and the fact that some evidence at trial will come from either women he has victimized or witnesses he has already threatened …”

The U.S. Attorney cited Mr. McCoy’s lack of legal employment after a year in Hawaii and “family and associates on the mainland” in its request to keep him in jail.

It was not immediately known whether the motion to hold Mr. McCoy in custody was granted.

After the Delaware Supreme Court vacated a first-degree murder conviction regarding a 2010 fatal shooting that brought a death sentence, Mr. McCoy was found not guilty in a second trial in Kent County Superior Court. The first trial was invalidated due to reported prosecutorial misconduct and errors made by the court, the Supreme Court ruled.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office now claims Mr. McCoy operated a prostitution enterprise in the Waikiki area that involved at least one adult female and a hotel.

During the interview in Hawaii, authorities said, referenced his successful self representation during the second murder trial and said “You’re talking to the youngest death row exoneree in the world …”

Mr. McCoy also described his physical altercations with correctional officers while in a Delaware prison and how he “(expletive) them up,”

Federal prosecutors allege that McCoy “admits that he uses the story of his criminal history, including his time spent on death row for an alleged murder, to intimidate people and enhance his reputation for violence.”

McCoy filed a 56-page civil lawsuit against several past and present Delaware Department of Justice, Department of Correction and Delaware State Police for issues connected to his original conviction that was overturned.

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