McCoy held without bail in Hawaii jail

Isaiah McCoy

DOVER — A former Delaware death row inmate remains detained in Hawaii after his recent arrest for alleged sex-related human trafficking by force.

Isaiah W. “Zeus” McCoy, 28, entered a not guilty plea in federal court after being accused of operating a prostitution enterprise in Waikiki from Dec. 22-26, 2017.

He’s also facing similar charges entered by the Honolulu Police Department in a separate case.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office filed a 17-page request to hold Mr. McCoy without bail due to the seriousness of the charge, his criminal history, the potential to commit violence and intimidation against possible witnesses and his connections to the mainland.

There’s no reasonable assurance that Mr. McCoy will return to court if released, the motion argued.

Mr. McCoy and co-defendant Tawana Roberts (described as husband and wife living on a United States Army base) had their hearing postponed and rescheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 17, authorities said.

A trial is scheduled for March 6.

As investigation continues, the U.S. Attorney’s Office indicated more charges are likely due to other adult women described as “victims” of the alleged operation.

After receiving a death sentence for the supposed shooting death of a Maryland man in a Rodney Village parking lot in May 2010, the Delaware Supreme Court vacated the verdict due to prosecutorial misconduct and court errors and ordered a new trial.

Mr. McCoy was found not guilty of murder in a second trial and freed from prison in January 2017 after nearly seven years incarceration.

Mr. McCoy filed a 56-page civil lawsuit against several past and present Delaware Department of Justice, Department of Correction and Delaware State Police for issues connected to his original conviction that was overturned.

Relocating to Hawaii

Following his release, Mr. McCoy moved to Hawaii to be with family. Prosecutors claimed he hasn’t been legally employed since arriving and “has not been shy about posting to the public his intent to establish criminal activities with his associates in Waikiki.”

The U.S. Attorney presented a Facebook video post from early September 2017 it claimed showed Mr. McCoy in a vehicle with three associates and what appears to be a bag of marijuana and a black handgun in a passenger’s lap.

Prosecutors alleged that Mr. McCoy alluded to “prostitution and human trafficking businesses he set up in Waikiki, and appears to suggest an intent to recruit more girls for his business.”

Complaints against Mr. McCoy received by the Honolulu PD in the summer of 2017 were also referenced.

Police were told by supposedly frightened adult women that McCoy “had been ‘pimping’ them and used coercion and violence to keep them under his employ.”

After arrest on the federal charge on Jan. 4, authorities said Mr. McCoy waived his Miranda rights in writing and spoke with investigators for roughly 2 1/2 hours.

While he denied sex trafficking, the U.S. Attorney said he did explain “to law enforcement that he has a long criminal history and is a legend.”

Mr. McCoy supposedly touted himself for self-representation in Delaware that earned a not guilty verdict and subsequent freedom from a death sentence and said “You’re talking to the youngest death row exoneree in the world.”

His lengthy stay in solitary confinement in Delaware’s prison system caused post-traumatic stress disorder and mental issues, Mr. McCoy supposedly told investigators and caused him to sometimes “snap.”

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